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Linux Command Line
version 1.4
Last modified date: 2009-07-03
Created Date: 2008-01-06
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Command Description
# sdiff file1 file2 find differences between two files and merge interactively alike "diff"   [man]
# sed 's/string1/string2/g' example.txt replace "string1" with "string2" in example.txt   [man]
# sed '/^$/d' example.txt remove all blank lines from example.txt   [man]
# sed '/ *#/d; /^$/d' example.txt remove comments and blank lines from example.txt   [man]
# sed -e '1d' exampe.txt eliminates the first line from file example.txt   [man]
# sed -n '/string1/p' view only lines that contain the word "string1"   [man]
# sed -e 's/ *$//' example.txt remove empty characters at the end of each row   [man]
# sed -e 's/string1//g' example.txt remove only the word "string1" from text and leave intact all   [man]
# sed -n '1,5p' example.txt print from 1th to 5th row of example.txt   [man]
# sed -n '5p;5q' example.txt print row number 5 of example.txt   [man]
# sed -e 's/00*/0/g' example.txt replace more zeros with a single zero   [man]
# shutdown -h now shutdown system(1)   [man]
# shutdown -h 16:30 & planned shutdown of the system   [man]
# shutdown -c cancel a planned shutdown of the system   [man]
# shutdown -r now reboot(1)   [man]
# smartctl -A /dev/hda monitoring reliability of a hard-disk through SMART   [man]
# smartctl -i /dev/hda check if SMART is active on a hard-disk   [man]
# smbclient -L ip_addr/hostname show remote shares of a windows host   [man]
# smbget -Rr smb://ip_addr/share like wget can download files from a host windows via smb   [man]
# sort file1 file2 sort contents of two files   [man]
# sort file1 file2 | uniq sort contents of two files omitting lines repeated   [man]
# sort file1 file2 | uniq -u sort contents of two files by viewing only unique line   [man]
# sort file1 file2 | uniq -d sort contents of two files by viewing only duplicate line   [man]
# strace -c ls >/dev/null display system calls made and received by a process   [man]
# strace -f -e open ls >/dev/null display library calls   [man]
# swapon /dev/hda3 activating a new swap partition   [man]
# swapon /dev/hda2 /dev/hdb3 activate two swap partitions   [man]

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